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Playing the long game often pays off...

We’re experts at sourcing strategic investment land for both investors and developers.

Whether that’s land adjacent to predicted infrastructure such as HS2 and the M6 Toll, or run of the mill development land for residential and commercial projects.

We have a fantastic track record of acquiring land assets prior to central Government compulsory purchases and forced sales by statutory undertakers, realising massive returns on investment for our clients.

Size doesn't always matter...

Ransom strips. The bane of developers and local authorities up and down the UK.

Its not always the large scale, several acre development sites that prove a good ROI.

Owning small parcels of land, obstructing access for vehicles and services to larger sites (holding them to ransom) can prove very lucrative.

We source ransom strips around major development sites, meaning we own the access required to start building, putting ourselves and our investors in the driving seat.